Locus consists of three chapters spread out over 20 issues. Each issue is 24 pages long.

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  • No Other Choice, part 1

    Locus and her Uncle Spook drive to a biker bar somewhere in Arizona, intent on avenging her father's death.

  • No Other Choice, part 2

    Locus' search for revenge takes her to San Diego, where she meets a necromancer and his pet vampires. This is also the first appearance of Hampstead.

  • No Other Choice, part 3

    The first story ends as Locus and Spook find their way to Los Angeles, and confront the mastermind behind her father's murder.

  • Unveiled, part 1

    Part 1 of "Unveiled", the story of how Locus' parents got together. We turn the clock back 20 years and meet Isaac, Eden, Hampstead, the Devil, and a stoner werewolf named Moondoggie.

  • Unveiled, part 2

    Isaac fucks up, and meets Spook, Silk and Moondoggie.

  • Unveiled, part 3

    Isaac meets a woman made out of spiders, and God Almighty.

  • Unveiled, part 4

    Isaac and his new friends travel to another world to save Eden from Hampstead.

  • Unveiled, part 5

    Locus is born! Also: tragedy.

  • Fate's a Bitch, part 1

    Back to the present! Locus comes up with an idea while idea that will help her find her grandfather, Dr. John Dee. We also meet Dr. Wells, an archaeologist who makes a startling discovery in Mexico. And Isaac's back! He's still dead, but that isn't stopping him from having adventures of his own.

  • Fate's a Bitch, part 2

    Locus' quest to find Dee continues. Silk helps out by taking her clothes off. In Mexico, Dr. Wells is visited by a strange woman. Also: dead Isaac meets an old friend...and we get to see the other side of the dream scene from Issue 2.

  • Fate's a Bitch, part 3

    Hampstead shows up and fucks up everyone's day, we get to see what a Raath is, and dead Isaac gets into lots of trouble.

  • Fate's a Bitch, part 4

    Locus dies, meets Xel'Duum, and freaks out. Dr. Wells learns the meaning of "bad touching", and dead Isaac gets further and further lost in the Realms of the Dead.

  • Fate's a Bitch, part 5

    We kick off Locus Year Three with an issue devoted entirely to Xel'Duum and the Bloodied Ones! This whole issue is Locus dreaming about Xel'Duum's past. Many questions are answered. Many horrors revealed.

  • Fate's a Bitch, part 6

    Locus meets the Devil. Dr. Wells gets his revenge. And dead Isaac finds someone he thought he'd never see again.

  • Fate's a Bitch, part 7

    Isaac and Eden catch up on old times. Locus fights the entire Mexican Army. And who's that on the last page? Haven't we seen that guy before?

  • Fate's a Bitch, part 8

    Locus has a weird dream, then wakes up on Moondoggie's boat. She just finishes telling the story of her fight with the Mexican Army and BAM! Sudden visitor.

  • Fate's a Bitch, part 9

    Locus and Xel'Duum dabble around in Hampstead's dreams. Isaac and Eden eat the Forbidden Fruit.

  • Fate's a Bitch, part 10

    Isaac and Eden go to Heaven. Locus goes somewhere else.

  • Fate's a Bitch, part 11

    This is it! The BIG FIGHT.

  • Fate's a Bitch, part 12 (Epilogue)

    Locus and Xel'Duum see the Realm of the Sepharan. Questions are answered. Loose ends tied up. But who's that on the very last page?